Maids to order in hong kong

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Maid to order in Hong Kong

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Nicole Constable, in Maid to Order in Hong Kong: Stories of Migrant Workers describes the physical and psychological lives of those domestic workers in the homes of Chinese in Hong Kong, their attitude towards their own lives and work, and the attitudes of the workers and the Chinese toward one another.

Two schools in neighboring states, just about 20 kilometers apart—while one doesn't even have basic facilities, the other is flushed with funds and amenities (Aritry Das and Ankur Tanwar).

Maid to Order in Hong Kong. Middle-class Chinese women in the global city of Hong Kong have entered the workforce in unprecedented numbers over the past three decades, and the demand for foreign domestic workers has soared. A decade ago some foretold the decline in foreign workers and the influx of mainland workers.

Maids to order in hong kong
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